Data and documents required for entering national phase of PCT-applications  for grantingpatents for invention in Ukraine


(31 months from the priority date)


For entering national phase:

 - translation of invention specification, claims, drawings and abstract as published and/or amended into Ukrainian or instruction to prepare translation by our firm)

 - document confirming official fee payment,

 - Power of Attorney duly attested by the applicant.

 Note: Power of Attorney is to be signed by the authorized persons of the applicant(s) with indicating name(s) of the applicant(s), said person’s positions and date and place of signing. No notarization or legalization required. Power of Attorney may be filed within two months from the filing date.


You may send all required documents by e-mail as a first step under provision that their originals will be received by airmail and filed later, e.g. Power of Attorney. In this case we will not charge you for late filing.


























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